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Protecting Whistleblowers in California: Nassiri Law - Your Advocate Against Retaliation

At Nassiri Law, led by attorney Damian Nassiri, we are dedicated to protecting whistleblowers in California. If you have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for reporting violations of the law or workplace conditions, our experienced team is here to fight for your rights. Below we provide an overview of California Labor Code Sections 1102.5, 1102.6, and § 232.5, empowering you with knowledge and highlighting the legal protections available.

California Labor Code Section 1102.5: Whistleblower Protection with Nassiri Law - Get Legal Help

The Whistleblower retaliation attorneys at Nassiri Law, we understand the challenges faced by employees who have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for blowing the whistle. If you believe your employer has violated the law, our dedicated attorneys can provide the legal help you need. Key points to know include:

Protected Activity: As a whistleblower, you have the right to disclose information about violations of laws or regulations to a government or law enforcement agency. Nassiri Law will ensure your rights are protected.

Retaliation Prevention: Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who engage in protected activity. If you face termination, demotion, or any adverse action due to your whistleblowing, our team will fight for your rights.

Legal Remedies with Nassiri Law: Our experienced attorneys specialize in seeking remedies for retaliation cases. We will pursue reinstatement, back pay, front pay, and other appropriate damages to ensure your rights are upheld.

California Labor Code Section 1102.6: Nassiri Law Defending Your Rights - Call Us Now

California Labor Code Section 1102.6 places a burden of proof on employers when defending retaliation claims. If you have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against, it's crucial to have skilled legal representation on your side. Key aspects of this provision include:

Clear and Convincing Evidence with Nassiri Law: Our attorneys are well-versed in challenging employers' claims that your termination was based on independent reasons. We will hold employers accountable, ensuring they meet the strict clear and convincing evidence standard.

Independent Investigation: Nassiri Law will thoroughly examine the legitimacy of the adverse actions against you, ensuring they are not retaliatory in nature but based on independent, valid reasons.

California Labor Code § 232.5: Protection for Reporting Workplace Conditions - Call Nassiri Law Today

In addition to whistleblower protections, California Labor Code § 232.5 provides further safeguards for employees who report workplace conditions. If you have faced retaliation for reporting such conditions, Nassiri Law is here to help. Key aspects of this provision include:

Retaliatory Intent: Employers are prohibited from terminating or retaliating against an employee who reports information about her workplace conditions. Our attorneys will work diligently to gather evidence supporting your claim and fight for your rights.

Consult with Attorney Damian Nassiri at Nassiri Law: Protecting Your Rights

If you have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against, it is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of whistleblower protections and retaliation claims. Contact attorney Damian Nassiri and the Nassiri Law team today at 949-375-4734 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.


Nassiri Law is your dedicated advocate in California, committed to protecting whistleblowers and holding employers accountable for retaliation. We specialize in helping employees who have been wrongfully terminated or retaliated against. If you believe your rights have been violated, contact attorney

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