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Wrongful Termination and Employment Discrimination Lawyers

NASSIRI LAW GROUP is here to help you if your employer has violated your employment rights. Call us now at 949.375.4734 for a free case evaluation. We will listen to you and let you know if you any legal claims that have resulted from your employer taking advantage of, or discriminating against you. We work on a contingency fee basis which means that we do not get paid unless we obtain money as a recovery award for you.

Here are some of the things employer’s do that are against the labor laws:

Remember, it is currently against the law in California for your employer to terminate, demote, or even fail to promote you if the employer’s actions are prohibited by California or Federal Employment laws. In other words, your employer cannot fire you, or demote you, or cut your pay for the wrong reasons.

If your employer has wrongfully discriminated against you, call us. NASSIRI LAW GROUP will aggressively and successfully protect your employment interests. If your employer has failed to pay you overtime or hasn’t provided you with adequate meal or rest breaks, we can help you recover what is rightfully yours. If you or someone you know has been wrongfully terminated, call NASSIRI LAW, INC. today at 949.375.4734. Remember that you still have rights even after you have been terminated.

In these tough economic times, more than ever, employers are cutting corners and violating employees’ rights in the process, just to save a buck. Most employees do not even know they have been violated because these employment laws, which are designed to protect employees against abuses by employers, are not widely publicized. So call us today to see if your employer has been treating you fairly or not.

Another thing you should know is that many times employers try to force their employees to go to arbitration for these types of cases. Don’t agree to go to arbitration! Arbitration gives up your constitutional right to a jury trial. This arbitration tactic is bad for employees and usually results in an outcome that is favorable to the employer – a much lower damage award that would normally be awarded by a jury. NASSIRI LAW GROUP’s employment attorneys are acutely aware of these employer tricks as well as the laws that are on your side. Employers cannot always force their employees to go to arbitration, so call us now if this is happening to you or if your employer is trying to force you to sign a settlement agreement.

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