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California Employment Laws A to Z - A Guide to California’s Employment Laws

California labor laws are designed to protect workers from bad treatment by their employers. Here, the labor lawyers at Nassiri Law provide you with a comprehensive guide to all of the laws that affect employees at their place of employment. These laws set the minimum standards that employers must meet in areas such as wages, hours, and working conditions. They also give workers the right to take time off work, to organize and join unions, and to be free from discrimination and retaliation.

If you believe you have been subjected to harassment or discrimination, our Orange County labor lawyers may be able to help you.

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From the moment I walked in until the moment I stepped out, I felt welcome at Damian’s law offices. His staff is very courteous, and Damian conversates with you in a manner that is understandable. He leaves the lawyer talk for the courthouses and really explains the laws in detail, but at the same time in a manner so that the average Joe can follow. Thank you for your services! Rodrigo Aranda
Hands down the most educated expert in cannabis law! Mr Nassiri is such a pleasure to work with, hes real with you and looks out for the best interest of yourself and your business. I really appreciate his input and I am proud to have him as my attorney. Bstyle Kim
I appreciate an intensive behavior of Nassiri Law group. Damian did a great job. When I met him, I immediately realized that this is the person I want to work with. He helped me a lot by answering all my questions in a wise and professional approach. He provided to me all important info what I needed at that time. Honestly, I think that Damian is one of the best Lawyers I have ever met. Aleksey Globenko