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Current Cases

Lozano v. Hilton Hotels – Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination: Mr. Nassiri and Mr. Davis currently represent Ms. Lozano, who was fired from the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim after she complained about being sexually harassed by a coworker. Nassiri Law’s employment lawyers filed this lawsuit in the Orange County Superior Court. This case will likely go to trial in 2016. Hilton Hotels is represented by Jackson Lewis, one of the nation’s largest law firms, which global offices. However, Mr. Davis has reigned victorious numerous times against large defense firms, and has often been referred to as the David who slew Goliath.

Gray v. Premier Health Services – Wrongful Termination, Pregnancy Discrimination: Mr. Davis is currently preparing to go to trial for our client who was constructively terminated when the hospital she worked for refused to give her old position back when she returned from maternity leave. After having her baby, our client sought to return to work but was wrongfully denied by her boss. Nassiri Law’s employment lawyers filed this wrongful termination lawsuit in the Riverside Superior Court. The defendant employer is represented by one of California’s largest defense law firms, however our lawyers are skilled and have no fear when faced with big law firms who represent large employers.


Damian Nassiri is an experienced employment lawyer with over 11 years of practicing law in Orange County. Mr. Nassiri has represented numerous clients and his firm has a strong history of obtaining positive results for our client's legal matters. Nassiri Law Group's attorneys are well respected in legal community, having represented employees who have been wrongfully terminated, refused a promotion or demoted for illegal reasons.

Below are a few examples of the types of results our employment attorneys have obtained for our clients. Please contact us today if you believe your employer has discriminated against you as well.

$325,000 for Sexual Harassment $325,000 for Disability Discrimination

Our client's employer agreed to pay her $325,000 after our employment lawyers showed that her former boss discriminated against her because of a mental disability and wrongfully terminated her as a result.

$275,000 for Sexual Harassment $240,000 for Race Discrimination

Mr. Nassiri represented an employee who had been wrongfully terminated by her employer, a major grocery store chain. Our client, a female black employee, was fired for "stealing" day old breads from the grocery store. In fact, all the other white employees were routinely allowed to take day old breads home, but since it was a "store policy" to fire employees who stole, our client was terminated. We obtained $240,000 for our client after showing her employer terminated based on her race.

$240,000 for Disability Discrimination $170,000 for Age Discrimination

Nassiri Law Group's attorneys recently settled an age discrimination case on behalf of one of our clients for $170,000. Our client, who was over 60 years old, worked as a secretary for a real estate company and was fired and replaced with a younger employee. Our client was an exemplary employee who had worked for the company for many years. The employer tried to claim that our client was incompetent but our client had no history of discipline by her employer.

$170,000 for Pregnancy Discrimination $145,000 for Disability Discrimination $135,000 for Age Discrimination $125,000 for Failure to Pay Wages $124,000 for Whistleblower Violations

After working for his employer for over 10 years, a machinist was terminated after he voiced concerns to his employer about the safety of his workplace. Our client's employer refused to listen to our clients complaints about workplace safety. The employer was then treated like an outsider and was ultimately fired when the employer retaliated against him for voicing concern about the unsafe work conditions.

$124,000 for Unpaid Wages/Misclassification