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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Harassment occurs in the workplace much more often than many people realize. Workplace discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation is something that has not quite subsided, but is expected to do so as younger generations become more and more accepting over time. Discrimination based on one’s identity as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) individual is already an ongoing issue that employees are fighting on a regular basis. While LGBT discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination can certainly intertwine, they are not always the same thing. Sexual orientation may not always be about classifying yourself as having one sexual preference over another, or identifying with one gender over the other.

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While there are many qualified Orange County Employment Law Attorneys that can help you seek justice for the harm that you have experienced, the skilled Employment Law Attorneys of Nassiri Law Group have extensive experience handling discrimination matters that involve LGBT individuals as well as issues that involve sexual orientation that is not necessarily related to one’s identity as LGBT. Our law firm is known for providing superior legal representation that is truly aimed to ensure our clients’ rights and interests are furthered.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

Sexual orientation discrimination and LGBT discrimination are often termed as one, and while LGBT discrimination does generally fall under sexual orientation discrimination, there may be situations where an employee does not consider him or herself as LGBT, but another category that may be seen as different. For example, some individuals identify themselves as being non-gender, meaning they do not identify with one gender or the other. This is not to say the person is physically neither male nor female, but it is a matter of how the person feels he or she should be classified. If you are involved in a situation where your sexuality is questioned, and you do not feel it is a matter that involves your sexual preference as an LGBT individual, it likely is a situation that falls under the category of sexual orientation discrimination.

Examples of sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace include, but are not limited to, unequal payment, underpayment, failure to obtain a job or promotion, wrongful termination, mental and/or physical abuse associated with one’s sexual orientation. At Nassiri Law Group, we truly have come across a diverse case load involving sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. Working with an attorney is one of the best decisions you can make if you wish to pursue a claim against your employer and/or a co-worker for workplace discrimination.

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Too many Orange County employees face discrimination in the workplace on a regular basis, and it is unfortunate that discrimination based on sexual orientation continues to exist in our society. While progress has been made, there is still much to do. One way to help curb the prevalence of discrimination in the workplace is to fight against employers and/or co-workers who have committed wrongdoing. Holding the responsible party accountable in a court of law is a good way to deter similar conduct in the future. Many employees don’t feel they will have a fair fight when they have been discriminated against; however, with the guidance and counsel of a skilled Employment Law Attorney, you will have the best chance possible of reaching a fair result given the facts of your case. At Nassiri Law Group, our Orange County Employment Law Attorneys have handled a variety of discrimination cases including sexual orientation discrimination experienced in the workplace. If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys, contact Nassiri Law Group today by calling (949) 375-4734 to schedule your free consultation.

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