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Disability Discrimination

Both California state and federal laws prohibit workplace discrimination that has continued to impact a significant number of disabled employees in Orange County as well as across this entire state. Both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) require that all employers provide “reasonable accommodations” to disabled employees. This is a duty that employers have to their employees.

Such accommodations must meet a disabled or ill employee’s needs. A common example includes wheelchair access. If an employee has a wheelchair and his or her workplace does not accommodate a wheelchair, the employer may be in violation of both state and federal law. The Nassiri Law Group focuses its law practice on protecting employees who have been mistreated in the workplace. Disability discrimination is just one type of workplace conduct that our Orange County Employment Law Attorneys have dealt with on a regular basis.

In addition to providing reasonable accommodations, employers cannot wrongfully terminate an employee based on that employee’s disability. Further, if a disabled employee is denied a well-deserved promotion and there is evidence to suggest the promotion is denied based on the employee’s disability, the employee may have a valid cause of action against the employer. Workplace discrimination based on one’s disability is something that many people thought no longer occurred, but it unfortunately still runs rampant across the United States. Disabilities can be both mental and physical, and no disabled individual deserves to be mistreated for possessing a quality that is beyond his or her own control.

What Recourse do I Have?

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace due to your disability, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of wages, employee benefits, pain and suffering (physical and/or mental), and potentially punitive damages if an employer’s conduct is outrageous, and deserving of some form of punishment in the form of damages. In order to pursue a legal matter after being discriminated against in the workplace based on your disability, you will need to work alongside a legal professional who handles employment law matters on a regular basis.

Oftentimes, victims of discrimination either ignore what’s been happening to them, or fight their employer alone. While you certainly have the right to pursue the matter alone, it is best to allow an attorney to handle the matter for you. Too much is at stake to take on your employer without the help of a legal professional. While not all disability discrimination cases will reach the same result, each and every case will be evaluated with the care and attention it deserves.

The Nassiri Law Group always strives to find the result that best suits the conduct in question. Disability discrimination is a serious matter and employers need to know that such discrimination has negative consequences. One way to deter workplace disability discrimination is to pursue legal action to enforce both state and federal law, helping victims seek the recovery that they deserve.

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Discrimination based on one’s disability occurs in the workplace much more frequently than many people realize. There are a variety of ways in which disabled individuals may be discriminated against in the workplace. If you have experienced such discrimination, you may have a valid legal claim against your employer. There are laws, rules and regulations that employers must follow, and employers that violate such rules should be held responsible. At the Nassiri Law Group, our Orange County Employment Law Attorneys focus their law practice on protecting the rights and interests of employees who have suffered wrongdoing in the workplace. With extensive experience handling a variety of employment law matters, the Orange County Employment Law Attorneys of the Nassiri Law Group possess the qualities you need in a true advocate. Nobody deserves to be discriminated against for any reason at all. To schedule your free consultation to discuss your situation, contact the Nassiri Law Group today by calling (949) 375-4734.

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