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Gender Discrimination

Gender, like so many other factors in life, is something that should never be considered when it comes to employment that is equally available to both males and females. Gender discrimination may be much less prevalent now than it used to be, but it still does exist, and causes many individuals to lose out on employment, or lose their jobs for no reason other than their gender.

Gender discrimination reveals itself in a variety of ways in the workplace, and each employee’s situation may be much different than another’s. No case can be one that sets an example for all others, as every case must be evaluated on its own set of facts and circumstances. At Nassiri Law Group, our highly experienced Orange County Employment Law Attorneys see gender discrimination much more frequently than they should. Any client who has experienced gender discrimination deserves to have one of our advocates demonstrate how an employer or co-worker has discriminated against the client in the workplace based on gender.

Acts of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

California and federal laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on gender, among many other factors. Gender discrimination can occur in the workplace in a number of situations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Failure of a male or female to get a promotion, losing out to a candidate of the opposite gender with the same or similar work experience and qualifications;
  • Failure to hire a male or female based on the same reason listed above regarding promotions;
  • Termination from one’s employment for being male or female;
  • Sexual harassment that is derogatory towards one gender or the other; and
  • Failure to treat all employees equally in terms of privileges in the workplace, as well as bonuses and raises in some situations.

While gender discrimination often involves females, there are situations where males are discriminated against in the same way for the same reasons. If a manager or employer prefers to have employees that are only female, or only male, that manager or employer has committed gender discrimination in the workplace. The Orange County Employment Law Attorneys of Nassiri Law Group can evaluate your case to determine if your employer or a co-worker has committed an act of gender discrimination. While not all cases will go forward, no case should be left ignored. It is better to know whether or not you have a case instead of wondering for years whether or not you had a claim for gender discrimination in the workplace.

Contact the Orange County Employment Law Attorneys of Nassiri Law Group Today

Although society has come a long way over the past century, we still have a long way to go. Whether you are male or female, the fact remains that gender discrimination does occur in the workplace, and as surprising as it may seem to be, some employers and co-workers may discriminate based on gender and not truly understand the severity of their conduct. No gender should be considered as superior to the other, and gender discrimination is proof that equality does not exist in some workplaces. At Nassiri Law Group, our seasoned Orange County Employment Law Attorneys have the requisite experience, skill and dedication to provide you with the guidance and legal representation you deserve. Many people either fight an employment matter alone, or do not fight at all. When dealing with any type of discrimination, it is important to have a licensed legal professional standing by your side to further your rights and interests. To schedule your free consultation to speak with one of our Employment Law Attorneys, contact Nassiri Law Group today by calling (949) 375-4734.

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