Sexual Abuse

A trusted football coach is not what he seems to be. A revered priest betrays his office. A beloved relative preys on proximity. Even as stories of sexual abuse continue to be revealed, it is still shocking when it impacts you or your loved one. Sexual abuse is a tragedy in the truest since—often impacting the most vulnerable members of society and destroying bonds of trust. Unlike other cases, in which the harmed person may be very eager to seek justice, sexual abuse can leave victims understandably hesitant to revisit private and painful memories, and confront the abuser.

Sexual Abuse: Special ConcernsSensitive Subject Matter

Sexual abuse and molestation are not like other claims. Sexual abuse can cause feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, anger, and confusion-- especially if the victim is a child. Yet, in order to get justice, an abuse survivor will have to talk about these very personal and painful events. An experienced attorney can help protect you or your loved one as much as possible during this difficult process, all while providing excellent representation.

Time Limits

If you are an adult survivor of sexual abuse, it may have taken decades to be able to get to the point where you could pursue a claim against your abuser. But there are special concerns. Courts have certain deadlines for filing a claim. In general, you have eight years after you turn 18 to file a claim for childhood sexual abuse. But there are exceptions. Perhaps, like many survivors, you did not realize that you suffering the consequences of childhood sexual abuse until after you turned 18. If so, you might have more time to file a claim. Whether or not you still have time to file your claim is a legal issue. An experienced attorney can help you navigate this issue.

Complicated Relationships

Sexual abuse often occurs within trusted relationships, such as families. Relationships can make it extremely stressful to bring a claim. Compassionate attorneys know how to handle these relational difficulties.

Powerful Defendants

In recent years, stories of sexual abuse within educational institutions, churches, hospitals, and other powerful organizations have come to the fore. If you or your loved one has been victimized by someone associated with a powerful institutions, you may feel powerless. But institutions, and the individuals within them, are not necessarily immune from the consequences of sexual abuse. A knowledgeable attorney can stand with you to make sure that sexual abusers and the institutions that harbor them are held responsible.

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Sexual abuse is horrific and can leave survivors feeling lost, angry, or despondent. But if you or your loved one has survived sexual abuse, you do not have to let the abuser get away with it. Even if the abuser has faced criminal charges, you can also file a private claim. A knowledgeable attorney, like those practicing at Nassiri Law Group, in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside California will fight for justice. For a free case consultation call 949.375.4734 today.

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